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From that moment I started to strongly believe and confirmed in practical the quote “Be the change you want to see in the world” by Mahatma Gandhi.

I was there with my host father to check out how was going the Rotary project to support a local community of children with physical and mental limitations. I was delighted with the energy of the children and how they were reacting with the situation. It was inspiring also to learn that most of the time we complain about our lives even if we still have the best clothes and the best food. That moment was a lesson of life to me, to open my eyes to humanity, to open my eyes to observe the world and give efforts to be a better person and to make a positive impact in society.

Nun taking care of a happy children

Despite the fact that they struggle to a chaotic situation after the tsunami event, 5 years later when I was there in 2009, the community was working together to build again what the strong wave took away, to remove the debris of a deep lose (material and physical).


I learned from simplicity and humbleness the power of our hearts and how we can do amazing things to people only with our love, passion, affection and good feelings. This is the most intense and powerful thing that nobody can pay for and it comes from us, from within us. The secret is to see others as our brothers and sisters and not as our enemies or rivals.

To achieve Human Rights we do need to come back to our childhood feelings, to the simplicity and humbleness that I felt when I hugged and smiled to those children in a church in Nias Island. We do need to see people as we all are, HUMANS!

We need to foster our positive thinking to heal the world and ourselves and to link our minds to make the good! We all have the power of creation and the power of destruction… So what side we are going to support? The side of good feelings, to live equally and in peace with others or the side of evil, to live in a world of rivalry and bigotry?

It depends only by us. Thus, starts to make your positive impact in society now! It is easy and I promise that you  feel the greatness coming from your heart. Go to the street and hug people, wish them to have a good day, make some efforts to help others, like read books to blind people or donate clothes that you do not use anymore to homeless people. We are the secret to achieve a world with better rights and respect to each other. But remember, it only depend by us. So why not to start NOW?!?

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much" (Helen Keller)

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An inspiring text to start the week.

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